Brazilian Hair


The Brazilian hair extension is one such type revered world over. However proper care and protection always creates the spark. This can be guaranteed through adherence to a number of routine but essential measures. After hair is retrieved from a donor supply of nutrients and nourish is always terminated. In order to ensure your hair continues receiving the required nutrients and nourish, keeping it shiny and with no tangles is vital A small amount of moisturizing oil on a weekly basis is essential. You can either use Almond or Coconut Oil between two to three times depending on preference. This ensures longevity and a silky luster. Key to note before shampooing is that your hair needs to be tangle free. This can be guaranteed by use of a detangling brush. When combing, the recommended order is that of bottom up a section at a time. Proper shampooing is very important….

Aerobic Exercise

A new exercise style: Aerobic Exercise

The word aerobic means ‘With oxygen” and the body’s aerobic arrangement is the heart, lungs, blood vessels and muscles. The gain of aerobic is founded on how well or how much your body can pass on oxygen to your muscles thus using it for energy. If you regularly do aerobic workouts, it will increase your power to take in more and carry that oxygen and it will amend your aerobic capability. Your life will be longer and healthier with enhanced well-being only through a good aerobic exercise program You can benefit to a large extend if you do your aerobic exercise regularly. This will be so even if you do the exercise for a short duration and the intensity being low. Just keep a log so that you can keep tract of your progress and know where you stand regarding fitness. The basics are that you start an aerobic exercise…

Green Life

What does it mean to be healthy?

Would you jump off of a building if someone told you to? Of course not. The reason for that is because you value your life and realize that jumping off a building would be an action that would result in death. That situation is very cut and dry, but there is another situation that is a silent killer. The situation that is being refereed to is the self induced action of choosing a lifestyle that revolves around poor diet and very little exercise. Diet and exercise are being abandoned and millions of people are dying prematurely because of the complex conditions that are associated with that behavior. Lets go back to the previous point for a moment. If a person values life so much, why would they spend years neglecting their health and allowing themselves to become ill? The answer represents too many theories and speculations, but it allows a…


The ancient practice of yoga and its spread in the global community

The practice of Yoga has been one of the most ancient practices aimed at the well being of our inner self. Started in India, dating back to almost 5000 years ago, Yoga today has spread to various parts of the world and it continues to be a popular choice among the people who wish to lead a healthy life. Even medical practitioners around the world recognize its benefits. The advantages of Yoga are many: 1) Yoga has always been used for physical, mental and spiritual benefits. Today’s medical research has proved that Yoga is beneficial for the physical and mental well being of a person. 2) While a work out in the gym helps build certain muscles of the body, Yoga helps in the exercise of all the body organs which seem to function smoothly by regular practice of Yoga over a period of time. 3) It enhances body immunity…